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Content marketing is a perfect fit for the real estate sector. It revolves around interesting, fun, and shareable topics. If you get it right, even something as simple as a walkthrough video can go viral.

This guide will tell you everything about content marketing for real estate. We will share with you some tips to help you succeed and give you some ideas for real estate content.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation of shareable materials, such as images, videos, blog posts, social media posts, emails, or other forms of communication, with the goal of becoming viral.

Content marketing is not about promoting your company directly. Your content will be branded but it won’t explicitly promote your business. You won’t have to talk directly to anyone – you can share your content with anyone online.

Why Is Real Estate Content Marketing Important?

Why spend time thinking about content ideas for real estate marketing? It’s no secret that content marketing is a big deal in the real estate industry. Content marketing is a great way to grow your business, build your brand, and reach more clients.

Demonstrating Your Experience

It shows that you have experience in your field. If you are trying to sell, buy, or rent a house, people need an expert in your corner. When they come across your content they begin to see you as someone who can help them.

It’s also why the majority of real estate content isn’t “salesy”. You are not solely trying to sell someone your service, but you want to convince them first that you have a good grasp of the subject.

Connect with more people

The internet is huge. You can connect with millions of people when you upload your content on social media. This is the number of active social media accounts around the world.

Comparing this to a billboard that you purchase on the side of an interstate. In a given week, it could get thousands of views. It is difficult to grasp the magnitude of content marketing.

Anyone who views your content online can be a possible customer.

Brand awareness

Real estate needs of people are unpredictable. By now, you probably know that someone who is not interested in selling their house can be easily convinced if they are presented with the right idea.

Bottom line, you never know when someone might decide to hire a quality real estate firm. Brand awareness is important.

When someone is aware of your brand, they are more likely to associate it with a particular industry or product. Starbucks comes to mind when you’re thinking of a high-quality coffee chain with a specialty and a highly customizable product. This is a good example of brand recognition.

You want people to think of you when they are buying, renting, or selling a house.

You can build brand awareness by launching a successful content marketing campaign. And you will be associated with quality real estate information. This will eventually translate into people choosing your company to meet their real estate requirements.

Content Marketing Types for Real Estate Agents

In any industry, content marketing can be presented in a variety of ways. Content ideas for real estate come in many different forms. You can use these options to enhance your real estate marketing strategy:

Contents for general education

Sharing educational content with your targeted customer base is a broad category. You might want to share educational content with your target audience if you are targeting homebuyers. This could include information about the homebuying experience, including what to avoid and what real estate agents will do.

Many people online don’t have the same information as you. You can use this opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and provide content that will educate people about real estate and keep things interesting.

You will gain trust if you write an article which reveals more about your business. Once you’ve proven your industry knowledge, it is easy to convert a reader to a customer.

It is important to stay within the industry for this content. You don’t want to attract the wrong people by talking about different kinds of coffee.

Market Analysis

You may want to compile your findings when you conduct a market analysis. Create a digestible article that anyone can understand.

Localized analyses can be widely shared in your area. Your insight into the local real estate market can be very helpful to people who don’t have much knowledge about it.

Tips for Home Maintenance

If you are buying or selling a home, putting together a list of tips for home maintenance is a good strategy. You will be able to reach people who own homes. This is good news if that’s who you want to reach.

You can use these tips to reach a wide audience, which can then become clients. Many people also need help with this topic.

If a homeowner is experiencing a clogged drain, they may turn to the Internet to look for a solution. They might even call a plumber after finding nothing on the internet. You can help.

Walkthroughs in video or pictures

Walkthroughs are a big part of what you do. You can use video or picture walkthroughs to promote your listings in real-estate email marketing.

These walkthroughs are a great way for someone to see a house and increase traffic. They work best if you already have a virtual 3D tour on your website.

A person can revisit a walkthrough and share it with friends and family to solicit their feedback. It will increase the number of views and make your business more familiar to people.

You might wonder what these types of content look like when they are in action.

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Content Ideas for Real Estate to Attract More Clients

Let’s discuss some ideas that you can use now that you understand why content creation is important. This section will give you some real estate content ideas.

Monthly real estate newsletter

The industry is rapidly adopting the monthly newsletter. This newsletter gives you the opportunity to discuss upcoming changes or things that will help promote your business.

This email will be sent to your mailing list every month. It’s important to let people know about your business and any changes that may be of interest.

Many companies will use a company newsletter to promote a product or service. These newsletters could be used to quickly highlight a few listings you’d like to sell.

Update your blog

Blogs are a great way to increase your online visibility. Your blog might be the top result for prospective buyers searching for real estate agents near them if you incorporate real estate SEO.

SEO is search engine optimization. When you optimize your content so that it is Google-friendly, and appears on more searches. You can increase your Google ranking by providing industry-specific information that is well-written and targets key phrases or keywords.

Your company will be discovered by more people if your website ranks higher on Google. Many companies host their blogs directly on their websites so that viewers can easily find the services and products they are selling.

Be active on social media

Like a well-run website, the proper use of your real estate business could completely transform your business.

Your social media accounts should be aimed at creating content that is shared and viewed by many people. Your content will be seen by more people, which increases your chances of being in front the right person.

You should build your profile to drive people to your website for more information or to close the sale. You should only need to click on two or three links to get viewers to your website.

Create a YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube channel. This is one of the most popular ideas for real estate content. This channel is open to anything in the real estate world.

Realtors often upload videos of their walkthroughs, which are essentially virtual showings.

You could also create videos to highlight the buying process and what you should look for while touring a property. You’ll be able to show off your real estate knowledge.

You want to link your YouTube channel back to your website so that people can find you there and make a purchase. Your content should be interesting and show your experience. This will make people trust you and select you as their next step.

Create useful infographics

Infographics can also be shared on your website or in your newsletter. Infographics are a simple piece of content that explains a topic in a single picture. The image has been designed to be easily shared and related to your business.

A graphic showing a tour inspection checklist for a rental home would be an example. You can use your own experience to highlight the things a potential renter should be looking for when touring a rental property. Add your company name at the bottom of the graphic, along with a way for people to contact you (usually an email or website).

Make as many infographics as you want, but make sure that each one is focused on a particular topic or idea. Post them anywhere and anytime you like, and watch new business pour in.

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Tips to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

There are some things you should keep in mind if you want your content marketing campaign to be successful.

Understand your target audience

Understand who you are talking to. Your content should be written for a specific person. You are looking for homeowners who have a salary within a range and are interested in certain locations. You may even have a list that includes hobbies you think will help sell your property.

A property near a course of golf, for example, should be targeted to people who are interested in golfing.

If you know how to sell an apartment to someone one-on-one, then use that knowledge to create your content. Imagine you are having a one-on-one conversation with someone, and imagine the type of information they would want to know.

You can use this to not only develop a strategy but also implement it.

Be consistent

When posting content, consistency is important. It’s important to not overwhelm your followers by posting new content every hour. However, you should provide enough to keep their interest.

Never compromise on the quality of your material in order to maintain consistency. If your content isn’t of high quality, viewers will leave.

Put your audience in your shoes

It’s a good idea to change your perspective when creating content. Imagine what a reader would like to read.

You’ll be more likely to produce quality content if you approach each post from the perspective of your viewers. If your content isn’t worth reading, then it’s not worth creating.

Make Goals

If you use content marketing correctly, it can be the engine of your business. To help you achieve success, it is important to have some goals.

Goals must be measurable and attainable. They should also have a clear plan to reach them.

Your main goal should be to make your real estate business more money. This could be a specific number of interactions, an increase in sales, or a greater number of people providing you with their contact information.

Remind yourself of your goal

Some companies get caught in a loop and post content just for the sake of posting. You will never reach your goals if you don’t remember the purpose of the content. You made goals to achieve success.

Ask yourself, before posting anything, how it will help you achieve your goals. Posting high-quality and interesting posts consistently can lead to increased interactions, more sales, or more clients.

It is a good idea to write down your goals in a place that you can easily refer back to. The constant reminder will help you stay on track with your content.

Help with coming up with new ideas

The writer’s block is not limited to novelists. You might need some help with coming up with new ideas as you create more content.

Look for people who can influence you if you find yourself in this situation. Start by looking at what experts in your field are doing. Content from places like NAR Houzz Home Advisor and Housing Wire is highly effective.

Look at their blog, for instance, to see what ideas they are discussing. Write your own blog post if you have an original point of view you want to introduce.

Avoiding plagiarism is very important. It’s not only illegal and immoral, but it can also hurt your ranking on Google. Google has a policy against plagiarism that will result in a mark of disapproval on your site.

It’s fine to use other people’s content for inspiration. However, you cannot copy their content and post it anywhere on your website unless you quote a short blurb with proper attribution.

Take your time and learn

This point cannot be stressed enough. You’re not in a competition. You are not in a race, and can learn at your own pace and slow down.

You will only hurt yourself if you rush to publish content or try to achieve immediate results.

Each challenge is an opportunity to learn. Find out why the content you created didn’t perform as well as expected. Decide what type of content you want to publish, where it should be posted, and when it should be released. You can also try out different levels of consistency to find what works best for you.

Create a single social media account

As a follow-up to the previous tip, it is advisable to only create one social media profile. It’s usually best to start with Twitter or Facebook.

You’ll burn out and become overwhelmed if you try to stay up with all the platforms. Concentrate all your social media efforts on one platform. Once you’ve got it working smoothly, you can then move on to the next platform.

Each platform has its own base of users that are searching for specific content. Be prepared to go through a long and difficult process for each platform.

Learn How to Attract More Clients for Your Real Estate Business

You can find new clients with content marketing. You can use it to showcase your knowledge and express yourself. Keep your goals in sight and take it slowly. You can refer to this article in the future if you are having trouble coming up with ideas for real estate content. This is a free guide to online marketing for real estate. Contact 8Limbs Creative Today!

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